Never The Same Again

I woke up today, not really any differently than any day I can remember in the recent past.  Thankful for all that I have been blessed with and thankful for another opportunity to cherish those blessings. Continue reading

I COULD’VE Been A Contender!

When I played football in college, freshman played on a freshman-only team, separated from the varsity upper classmen (I discussed my college decision process here).

About a week before our first game, Don Dobes, the freshman head coach (yeah, the guy who unwittingly changed my name the first day on campus, as I described here), called me into his office. Continue reading

Every Day is a New Beginning (Originally from May 2011)

I was going through some old thumb drives today and found a post I had done right at the start of this blog – which explained the general theme of what I hoped to write about, at least occasionally.  The timing of finding this post is kind of funny, and I’m sure not a coincidence, given my most recent post and subsequent comments that followed.  So here it is again:

Every Day is a New Beginning

The state of your life when you woke up this morning is the sum total of EVERY decision you’ve made since your brain was developed enough to make decisions for itself.  You were EXACTLY where you were supposed to be this morning, based on all those decisions. Continue reading

No Regrets, S’il Vous Plait

In early December of 2012, I was having a heated conversation with a business associate of mine, Joe, in a bar at the top of the Radisson Hotel in Oslo, Norway.  The “heat” was no doubt fueled by several rounds of Marker’s Mark and Coke by that point in the evening. Continue reading