Nothing Left Unsaid

Losing someone from your life is hard, whether the person is a family member, a close personal friend, or even someone you are not currently close with but whom you shared an important, personal connection at some point in the past.

I have lost people in sudden, unexpected ways (heart attacks, accidents, Sept 11) and through the long, painful process of terminal illness (cancer).  Either way, the finality of death sucks.  Continue reading

Genetics – Is Who We Are Really Just a Matter of Luck??

Not sure where this train of thought will take me, or how many posts it might require to get it out of my system, but anyway, here goes:

I can picture the conversation as if it happened yesterday.  It was in Oliver’s office, one of the guys I worked with when I was based over in London.

“Can you believe this crap,” Oliver said as he tossed a magazine onto his desk. Continue reading