So, As I Was Saying . . .

When I recently wrote this post, it was because I was thinking I wanted to say more on the subject of football and brain injuries.  Just prior to that, I had seen this opinion piece that someone had posted to Facebook – I shared it there as well. Continue reading

To Blog or Not To Blog – That (Today Anyway) Is the Question

Doing a blog, really doing anything, on a consistent basis is HARD work.  It takes discipline.  It takes commitment.  It takes perseverance.

When I do post to Climb the Buddha, I enjoy it.  I wish I did it more often.  The process of spending some time in thought and putting those thoughts into words, on a page or a screen, is, I think, refreshing.  There is a much deeper feeling and emotion that comes from connecting your thoughts to words and seeing those words on the screen.  In some cases, like when I wrote about when my grandmothers died here, I relived all the emotion that I felt at the time of their deaths. Continue reading