Saying Goodbye to Our Four-Legged Family Members (Reposted 11.12.20)

Well, unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to our yellow lab Angus late yesterday. So reposting in his memory . . .

We adopted Angus from the Humane Society in 2010, about a year after we moved to Utah from New York. I had gone to the Humane Society facility to look for another dog that we saw posted on the website. But when I got there, that dog had been adopted already.

“We have this great 2 year old, male yellow lab that needs a Forever Home,” the woman told me. She walked me over to the crate and introduced me to . . . I don’t even know what they called him at that point.

He seemed like he would fit right in with our crew. The next day, we went back with Licky and they spent some time together in one of the paddocks out back to make sure they were compatible. She didn’t start trying to herd him like a sheep until a few years later, so that first encounter went well and the next day, we brought the guy that would henceforth be known as Angus (among other names) home to join our family.

Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Chubbs . . .

Angus was a pretty mellow and chill dude most of the time. The exception was when it was time for a walk, when he would almost burst with excitement and could barely contain himself, and, like most labs, when it was time for a meal. Or when he thought he might be able deceive you into thinking that he hadn’t already had (breakfast/lunch/dinner) and that if he just played the part convincingly enough, he might be able to score seconds. At those moments, he turned into Dr. Jeckle and was a bit of a pain in the ass, if I’m being totally honest.

But other than those times, he was just happy to be part of the pack. He didn’t need to be the center of attention, was okay if Licky try to herd him around the house or in the backyard, and welcomed a scratch on the head whenever he could get it. As he gained weight in his later years, because in addition to the 3 square meals he got each day as well as seconds when cleaned out the remainder of Licky’s bowl, he also somehow managed to levitate to score more than a few sandwiches from the kitchen counter, he didn’t seem to mind too much when he went from being Angus to more frequently being referred to as Chubbs McKenzie or Señor Chubbs.

We had 10 good years together, going on walks, chasing balls at the tennis courts, and otherwise just hanging out. He will be greatly missed.

RIP Señor Chubbs. See you at the Rainbow Bridge.


Original Post (01.03.2018)

There is a lot of pluses that come with having a furry, 4-legged family member (what some people would refer to as a “pet”) – well, dogs anyway, I can’t really speak to cats (dog owners vs. cat owners is a whole different train of thought for some other time, if ever).  With a dog in the family you get someone who’s always happy to see you. Who’s always up for any adventure and gets excited to run 10 yards and track down a tennis ball a hundred times. Who always listens to your problems and is happy to let you rub their (ear, head, back, belly) to relieve your stress. And all the other benefits Billy Currington so eloquently expresses in this song:

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