A National Tragedy That the Nanny State Refuses to Address (Originally Posted 17 Jan 2013)

Great op-ed today by Lee Habeeb in National Review. Focuses right in on a national tragedy and major social issue that EVERYONE in this country should be concerned about.  And if conservative politicians had any balls, they would call out the liberal media, liberal establishment, and liberal politicians for the lack of attention to this matter. Do I need to tell you AGAIN, that it is those with a liberal/progressive bent who are the REAL RACISTS in this country?

The only thing that would make the Habeeb piece more compelling would be if he included not just the statistics on the murder epidemic in American inner cities, but also the statistics that show an absolute clear corollary between out-of-wedlock childbirth and poverty levels.  Not really inline with the central topic of the op-ed, but nonetheless relevant to the overall subject.

This is a huge problem for our society, but it starts with a fundamental fact that is anathema to the liberal intelligentsia.  In one generation, we could significantly reduce inner city crime, gang violence, and poverty levels in this country.  It starts with a focus and emphasis on the importance of the family unit. If we put as much money and effort into reducing out-of-wedlock childbirth as we do into the “war on drugs,” I am of the opinion that we’d get a three-fer.

Come to think of it, three-fer doesn’t even begin to innumerate all the positive benefits.  Poverty would go down. Violent and non-violent crime would go down. Drug use would go down. Prison incarceration rates would go down.  The burden on the government fisc (from welfare and medicaid to prison costs to policing costs to many other costs) would go down. The taxes needed to support these programs (or the borrowing in lieu of taxes, since politicians prefer to make the actual paying of the programs someone else’s problem further on down the road) would go down.  And with a more sound government fiscal picture (not to mention the productive capacity of the thousands of young, mostly black, men whose lives are now cut tragically short in this epidemic) growth in the private sector would increase – the whys behind that are probably too technical for this post.

It’s a pipe dream, I know.  But I’m entitled to dream it, nonetheless.  If you don’t have dreams, then you’re left with nothing but nightmares.

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