Guest Post – All You Need Is Love

This is something a friend of mine posted on FB a while back and I meant to share it here, but then, as usual, got distracted. Anyway, sharing it now, because I still think it rings true. The original author didn’t title her post, so I I added one. And, as is often the case, I’m convinced that most insight into the meaning of life can be summed up by a Beatles lyric (usually one of John’s).


Guest Post – All You Need Is Love

The more I travel through my life, the more I realize that we are here only to love. Our purpose is to journey while collecting relationships. Some people are placed in our journey for a blink of an eye while others we hope to spend the whole of eternity loving.

Saturday evening I had the honor of watching what 50 years of friendship and relationship collecting looks like. You see, loving is exponential. It’s as if our heart expands and gains the capacity to love more with each person that we include into our life. 

This story begins when two young ladies became best friends. My mom and my Aunt P forged a friendship. I imagine it started out tentative with each young woman only revealing a tiny bit of their insecurities at a time. Over the decades they shared all of their hearts, the joy and the mundane, while drinking endless cups of black coffee and puffing away on Marlboros while attached to a 20 foot stretched out phone cord.

The G clan had seven kids and our team had four. That averages to about one birthday party every month while growing up. That’s where our tapestry begins and the multiplication starts. We learned to like and love one another while collecting quarters at the bottom of a pool, playing kick the can, hanging upside down on a fence post (never wear a skirt to a G party), First Communions, weeks at Camp Dearborn, wanting to date each other’s friends, taking Cosmo quizzes, drinking from the can, vacations, graduation parties, wedding showers, weddings, funerals, baby showers and funerals.

Looking back, it began with two friends. Those two friends each married and between them had 11 kids. All 11 have married and there’s double the children in the next generation. The grandkids are now busy with First Communions, graduations, funerals, showers, weddings, funerals, and babies.

Time marches on and loving can be also be difficult. My mom shared that she spent a great deal of time before this wedding missing Aunt P and Uncle B. You see, loving is exponential but the equation always includes subtraction. My mom was sure her lifelong friends were there in spirit and watching their beautiful family love, celebrate, party, and grow.

Love. Rinse. Repeat.
Multiply. Love and love some more. Love and laugh. Love through the joy and cling to each other in the pain.

The wheels of life are always turning. This weekend we were able to join as two families, once again, to celebrate the marriage of one of the granddaughters of Aunt P and Uncle B. KG is now KH and her husband AH is now part of this crazy fun clan.

There was so much joy at this event. The deep, happy, content kind of emotion that fills the room. Two young people that have opened their hearts to love. Join families. Love. Multiply.
Eternal Love.

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