Is Warren Sapp High?

Going off my standard themes this morning . . .

Watching NFL Network this morning (OK, I admit it, not a lot on the tube to choose from).

Warren Sapp just said “In the NFL, there’s two jobs that you can’t just get up off the couch and do.  And that’s play quarterback or rushing the quarterback. Those are the two hardest jobs in the National Football League.”

Seriously, is this guy HIGH??

1 – I would say there is NO job in the NFL that anyone can just get up off the couch and do.  Except maybe be a dumbass talking head on TV talking about the NFL on the NFL Network.

2 – I would probably agree that playing quarterback has always been and continues to be the hardest position to play.  After that – I think most other positions are probably a toss up. But even if I had to select just one other position as the next most difficult, I’m pretty sure rushing the QB would not be at the top of the list.

What position did Sapp play again?  Oh right – DT.  So maybe he’s not high (at least not right now). Just SLIGHTLY biased.

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