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Short post today (but 2 video links!) – just trying to clear the clutter from my brain . . .

A few years ago, I texted a photo to a friend of mine.  It was the view of the Wasatch Mountains from my office in downtown Salt Lake City.

Her response (I’m paraphrasing):

“Beautiful! You are so lucky, you can see God every day!”

While I did not disagree with her, I couldn’t resist a smartass comeback (it’s just my nature):

“Yes I do. And so can everyone else, if they would just open their damn eyes once in awhile.”

I was reminded of this exchange a couple days ago when another friend of mine sent me a note in response to my last post, in which I described the experience of receiving what I believed was a divine message of support and inspiration.

“I think stuff like that happens all the time,” she said. “But most people don’t pay attention and aren’t able to make the connections.”

It’s probably no surprise, given my comment above, that I absolutely agree with her point.

I guess I’m not alone in having my guardian angels communicate with me through the car audio system.  Another friend told me of an experience similar to my own, where her life seemed to be falling apart, and at that moment she turned on the radio and heard a song that let her know everything would be alright.  The first words she heard – “The best things in life aren’t things!”

There are moments in life that inspire awe, when you can’t help but be amazed by a power in the universe much greater than your own.  I would challenge even the coldest atheist not to admit as much as they look with wonder for the first time at the face of their newborn child.

But it’s not just in moments like these – the birth of a child, the view from a mountain top, a magical sunset – that you can see and feel the presence of the divine.  It’s always around us – every day.

One of my biggest disappointments with having lost the first version of CTB is that I lost a comment by a good friend of mine – Amir.  He is a marvelous, eloquent man and after a long back and forth “discussion” he concluded with a very simple truth.  God is love.  Believe me, there was much more to it – but at the end of it all, that was the final point.  God is love.

Look around, and you just might see him (or her or it, however you want to think about it).

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