Sophie’s Choice and Make That Caught Between Scylla and Charybdis (Originally Posted 22 Nov 2012)

After I posted first piece, my dear sister Meghan chastised me because she thought the title reference was in bad taste.  And because she sometimes has difficulty with the English language, she also did not understand one of the comments I made.  As a result, I posted another piece to clarify the first.  I’ve put them both together here:

Sophie’s Choice –

Today’s Thanksgiving Day match up between the Cowboys and Redskins is a real Sophie’s Choice situation for me.

Growing up in Southeastern Michigan (Dearborn to be exact) I was a Lions fan.  It is wholly unnecessary and redundant to say I was a “long suffering” Lions fan.  There are few teams in professional sports that have been as consistently poorly run as the Lions – who last held the NFL championship in 1957.

I can tell you exactly the day I finally woke up and said goodbye to the boys in Honolulu Blue – draft day 1983.  That was the day when the geniuses at the Lions decided that they already had an NFL caliber starting quarterback in Eric Hipple, so decided to use their first round draft pick on a running back named James Jones.  You all remember him, don’t you.  Who did they pass on?  Some guy named Dan Marino.  Ever hear of him?

Back to the point of this post.  Although no longer a Lions fan, growing up as one, hatred of the Cowboys was almost ingrained into my subconscious.  It was just a given fact.  I have never liked the Cowboys, and I could go on and on for all the reasons through the years.  Surprisingly, my time spent working at the NFL, during which time we were in regular conflict with the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, is low on the list of my reasons for disliking the Cowboys.

On the other hand, my time at the NFL is exactly why I despise the Redskins.  That is entirely the result of my interactions and exposure to the owner of the Redskins – Dan Snyder.  Suffice to say that during my 10 stint at the NFL, there was no one that I found more detestable.  Not even close.

So while I have a couple other teams that I have come to support over the years (primarily the Steelers and Bears) my third favorite team every week is whoever is playing the Redskins.  I get great joy out of each defeat – the schadenfreude (spelling is probably wrong but I am too lazy to check) of knowing that it is causing Dan Snyder much deserved distress.

So who do I pull for today, in a match up between a team I have hated since birth and team owned by someone I detest?  I hold no animus towards the players themselves, so I can’t say something like I don’t care who wins, I just hope every player on both teams suffers career ending injuries.  In some/many cases, it’s not their fault that they are on those teams.

Maybe I’ll just go skiing and pretend the game didn’t happen.

But if forced to decide, I guess I have to go back to my earlier point about who is my third favorite team every week.  When it comes down to it, at least today and one other time during the season, I guess I have to accept that I am pulling for the Dallas Cowboys.

I hate to say it, but Let’s Go Big D!!

Make That Caught Between Scylla and Charybdis –

Or Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea.

Or Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

In my previous post earlier today, I said I was facing a Sophie’s Choice in deciding who to support today between the Cowboys and the Redskins.  There are very few people whose opinions I really give a damn about. But one such person (ie someone whose opinion I do care about) told me that she thought comparing a football game to Sophie’s Choice was not cool.  Or was bad form.  Or whatever, you get the point.

Now, I understand Sophie’s Choice in current, common vernacular, the mean a choice between two unpleasant alternative options.  Of course, the term comes from the book and film of the same name – which has to do with a mother in the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz having to decide which of her two children lives and which one dies.  That is light years beyond the choice between”two unpleasant alternative options.”

So, to be clear, today I was not in any way faced with a Sophie’s Choice. I was Between a Rock and Hard Place on who to root for. And in any case it was all for naught, as the Cowgirls fell 38-31.  And RBG III btw, is pretty NICE.

Also, and on this one, I’m confident that I am on very firm ground. But for anyone who may have a reading disorder:

I WAS NOT hoping that any of the players for the Cowboys or Redskins would suffer a career ending injury today. I would never wish that on anyone. Not even Dan Snyder, or anyone who has the misfortune of having to play on the team he owns.

One more thing – THE LIONS GOT JACKED TODAY.  If none of the 6 or 7 refs who were on the field saw Forsett clearly go down, resulting in an 81 year touchdown run that, due to some asinine NFL rule, then could not be reviewed, they shouldn’t be allowed to ref another game this year. The missed call was at least as bad as the one (end of the Packers-Seahawks game) that supposedly led to the end of the NFL lock out of the regular refs. At this point, I’m sure there are a lot of people in Detroit wishing they could bring back to replacement refs.

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