Take 2

OK, so this is kind of embarrassing, but I am in the process of recreating this blog as I lost everything from the prior version.  Long story, but the gist of it is my hosting agreement did not auto-renew and I did not catch it in time to fix the problem.  My bad – and maybe I’ll explain in more detail sometime soon.

In any case, I am going to first try to recreate some of my previous posts – using saved or email versions.  That will, for me at least, give me a sense of not completely starting from scratch. Unfortunately, I can’t go back to the beginning, so I may end up summarizing some of those posts from memory – have I mentioned I have a pretty good memory.

Then will try to get on to some new posts.  NEWSFLASH – I may have a lot of free time on my hands in the not too distant future.  So maybe I’ll need to write a little bit more to soak up some of that time and otherwise stay out of trouble.

Also will copy this post to an updated “ABOUT” page, so I kind of explains a bit more on what got me to this point.


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